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Education for a lifetime

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” ― Dolly Parton

With this course, you can learn at your own pace - anytime, anywhere (Even at night in your PJ’S with a bowl of ice cream while your littles are sleeping)! 

I’ve put my heart and soul into this online course, and it is the perfect next step for your growing photography business. 

It boasts hundreds of hours of education, monthly and quarterly add on options and LIVE Q&A videos hosted in the FB group. The best part about my course is the COMMUNITY! Join a private FB group after sign up. 

Welcome to the Photography Mentorship that grows with you 

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What are you looking to change in your business?

It might be that extra pop in your images or uncertainty in how to get that storytelling imagery & have clients relax in front of your camera. Maybe you freeze up during your sessions and don’t know what to do next or feel stumped on how to provide a client experience that keeps clients coming back year after year. 

Would you like to learn how i do it all? 

Maybe you’re struggling with finding your ideal clients. Or maybe it’s marketing yourself, and let’s not even get started with social media... Sound familiar? I have been there, babe.  But I didn't stay there, and I don't want you to either.

Elevate your business from the ground up, starting with how you find ideal clients all the way to how you edit your images with confidence. This course covers it all. 

Are you ready to prosper?

Emotive imagery, lighting, client experience, camera settings, editing, business and so much more.

Its time for change...

In this course, we cover:

My goal is not for you to take this course to be like me. I want so much more for you than that. My goal is for you to PROSPER in your own business. To book your ideal clients, to feel comfortable at shoots, to edit like you but with new skills and confidence. My goal is to hand you the ingredients, and let you make something only you can. 

To know how to run a successful business from head to toe. To tell your client’s story with ease. To Prosper.

  • An online photography course with hundreds of hours of education for both seasoned and beginner photographers.
  • Complimentary presets, actions, and tools are included as well as a 40% off VIP code for my shop 
  • A private Facebook community group for asking Qs. This group is the BEST in the industry (Can I even say that? Cause it’s true! My mentees are 10/10)
  • Quarterly live Q&As hosted by me - with occasional guest speakers!
  • A Quarterly editing video will be added to the course for free (Content that keeps growing)  and you can purchase add ons each month in addition to this.
  • Yearly “refresh of materials” as software updates occur - so the course is always up to date with Adobe, and my evolving business.

  • Content that only course members have exclusive access to, if you wish to add them on! 
  • My professional development 6-week program where 10 students at a time get a 6-week topic-based program with me. At this time, this program is EXCLUSIVE to The Prosper Course students.  
  • Early access to book sessions and in person education with me. 

Optional add-on exclusives 


prosper course

Investment Details:
$800 - no refunds or exchanges

Access to the course with lifetime access 

  • One-time payment for a lifetime access
  • Please just know that SOME but not all of the single education courses that are sold separately are included in The Prosper Course and purchasing them individually first does not grant credit or refund once you purchase The Prosper Course.

An Online Community Support Group

Course Led by Amanda & Industry Experts

Live Events, Q&A’s, and More!

I’m ready!

Guest Educators

Shannon Mctighe

Lauren Samuels

Brittany Grubbs

Kate Schaper

Michelle close

Whitney Horton

Brooke Jefferson

Mallory Jackson

Brittany Grubbs

Michelle Close

Annie Nelson 

Brittany Grubbs

Kate Schaper

Michelle close

Whitney Horton

Brooke Jefferson

Mallory Jackson

Brooke Jefferson


Kate Schaper

Brittany Grubbs

Kate Schaper

Michelle close

Whitney Horton

Brooke Jefferson

Mallory Jackson

Course FAQ’S

Course FAQ’S

Teachable! Which makes it easy to access for anyone anywhere! You make your own unique and private login and password and can access the course at any time, from anywhere.

Course FAQ’S

Short answer… NO! You get what you give! It’s not my wish for you to purchase this course just to sit on it - take that time for yourself and your business and know that what you give will be an investment poured back into your business and clients!

Course FAQ’S

Quarterly Live Q&A's, and a new video added each quarter as well as a Facebook group full of community and learning. I also have monthly add ons available to purchase that are optional. 

Course FAQ’S

Unfortunately, I do not - but Afterpay is an option!

Course FAQ’S

what’s in the prosper course?

Over 20 different sections of learning

Module 1-2

1-Welcome Section
2-Foundations of Editing 
2a- Foundations of Photography Business

Module 5-6

5- Editing Videos
6- Skin Tones

Module 7-8

7- Skies
8-Session Flow 

This course and the Facebook group have over 100 hours of learning that grows with you!

And so much more! 

This course and the Facebook group have over 100 hours of learning that grows with you!

Module 9-10

9- Behind The Scenes Videos 
10- Client Experience 

Module 11-12

11-Running a Small Business- Juggling It All 
12- Studio Videos and Content 
13- Styling

Module 3-4

3-Backend Workflows 
4- Free Presets & Tools 

You deserve it.

I’m ready!

are you ready to take your prosper?

Mentee Letters

"Amanda has laid out each and every aspect of photography in an easy to understand way! She has provided videos answering questions, editing sessions, PS and LR tutorials, and so much more. She makes herself so each to approach and ask ANY and ALL the photography and business related questions that any of her mentees may have. She is also always adding new videos to the Facebook page and doing impromptu and planned live videos! This course will truly change your photography, self confidence as a photographer and business plan for the better! Amanda is an amazing photography mentor & friend to have!"


"Its hard to find the words to describe how incredible this course is to me. My workflow and style has drastically changed over the past year since I have entered the course. I have doubled my client base and feel more confident in my abilities."


"The Prosper Course is AMAZING! I have finally been able to achieve that bold and colorful editing style that I have dreamed of and best of all I finally have confidence in myself all thanks Amanda and her Prosper Course!"


"There truly is no other course like the Prosper course. Everything from the very basics to advanced is in here, it really is a worthy investment no matter where you are in your career. I love that this course touches on many different aspects than focusing on on singular thing. You learn editing, time management, styling, SEO and SO much more! The investment in this course has been the best thing I’ve done for my business!!"


"Amanda's course itself is AMAZING. When I was searching out mentors, other photographers continued to highly recommend her. When I compared the cost for what I would be getting with other mentorships, I became SO EXCITED to dive into all of what she had to offer. I am continuously blown away by her giving heart, and how much she DOES NOT HOLD BACK on anything to her mentees."

- Crystal 

"Amanda, your course has literally transformed me as a storyteller. What seemed just like a story now feels like artistic love notes. This course got me just that. everything from camera settings to editing details has been covered so so well. What colors you use and why those colors, your thinking and best part is that you are always available for us. I don't know how you do this...hats off and more power to you. I hope to have you around me forever till I am holding my camera... I don't intend putting this down for long."



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