the face AND heart behind White Pine Photography. I am just a goofy girl, who is addicted to Diet Coke, loves greasy food, and obsessed with a good bargain. I am the proud mama of 4 wild boys, and am happily married to my best friend and biggest cheerleader, John. 

I am Amanda 

Hey Babes!

I try to prepare parents to just let them be themselves and not get stressed over the chaos because I LOVE the chaos. It's hard to let go of the expectations of a perfect session and just let the kids be wild and play but my favorite part is when parents just laugh with their kids and let go of that normal fear of bad photos, and just be with their kids, or spouse. I love sending galleries full of cuddles, laughter and love. Hearing moms gasp as they see how beautiful they look when they play with their babies is my all time favorite feeling. 

My favorite part of a session is when the kids are being wild. I truly mean that. 

I firmly believe ice cream should never be turned down. I am the friend you ask to go get coffee with you, and I'll be there rambling about photography, and mom life. I picked up a camera to get cute shots of my kids and that hobby turned into a passion, and then transformed into a career that I love. I recently took on the role of mentor and teacher in this industry and let me just tell ya- my heart is FULL! 

I am the girl who loves a good book on a rainy day. 

there are moments words don't reach

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