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the face and heart behind White Pine Photography.


Hey babes, I’m Amanda

Imagery for the real & raw
Capturing lifestyle imagery for a lifetime

“Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” ― Dolly Parton


I started to do photography like most moms do - I took photos of my own kiddos. It quickly turned into something more as I was asked by family and friends to take their photos and I quickly learned that I had a PASSION for capturing family connection and motherhood - NOT just posed photos. I LOVE what I do. I also have since found my calling for teaching other photographers and helping them realize their full potential as a photographer.

I am just a goofy girl who is addicted to Diet Coke, loves greasy food, and can always go for a good book. I am the proud mama of 4 boys and one sassy little girl, and l am happily married to my best friend and biggest cheerleader, John.

The real

If someone starts a sentence with "TMI but…" - OH, I am freaking pumped! I don't care what your favorite color is, go ahead and tell me about how constipated you were on your vacation instead. Please and thank you.

I am always too "broke" to buy myself something but fill my cart with stuff for my kids like I am on a Kardashian-sized budget.

I talk a LOT and if anything has an awkward silence I shall fill that silence and then think “Why did I say that?” Then repeat.

I love authentic stories. Honesty. Bravery. Doing the right thing. success stories.

My camera roll has 40K photos on it. All of my kids and screenshots of funny memes.

I am addicted to Diet Coke & drink coffee before bed instead of first thing in the morning.

I love music and movies, true crime, reading, journaling, home design, hiking/being outside, going to flea markets, and crafting.

Influenced by God, positivity, and snacks.

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