I am just a goofy girl, who is addicted to Diet Coke, loves greasy food, and obsessed with a good bargain.

 I am Amanda  the face AND heart behind White Pine Photography

Hey babes!!

and not dream

It is almost impossible to watch the sunset


for photogs

Sara M

She has a goofy personality that enables you to relax during the session and even gets my husband loosened up, but she also takes what she does very seriously so you get the best of both worlds; a fun shoot, and very elegant and gorgeous images. I have been using her for our photoshoots since my youngest was born and plan to return season after season because of who she is and her talent. Very pleased!  

Amanda is amazing at what she does! 

Kristin H 

We have a wild bunch in our family and I thought the session was a little chaotic because my kids just wouldn't listen- but Amanda pulled me aside during a few shots to tell me how amazing my kids were doing, and to just play with them and not sweat it and she promised the images would tell a beautiful story that I would cherish. I figured she was just trying to cheer me up about my kids being animals that day, but I trusted her and the result was worth it. I got photos of my family being themselves, actual laughter and joy, and I love them so much

Our images brought me to tears!!

Laura P 

I showed up in sweat pants which is awesome, and got to be fully styled by Amanda. She also had adorable headbands for our daughter and made us feel so comfortable during the shoot. As new parents we were nervous about what to expect but she had us laughing and loving on our baby the whole time, I almost forgot we were taking pictures. And the result was WOW. Her studio and all the images were so pretty.

Our newborn session was so easy and laid back and she did everything for us including dressing us. 

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