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Skin Tone Course

As an educator, I often hear students inquire about achieving stunning skin tones in their photography.

However, obtaining this result can seem difficult at times because they do not have the complete recipe. It's not just about using presets or editing techniques, or even employing specific brushes. Instead, it's a comprehensive recipe that involves various factors such as lighting, camera settings, wardrobe, and more.

Each of these elements plays a critical role in achieving the desired skin tones. In my mini-course, I provide a detailed breakdown of each step required to achieve natural, creamy, and beautiful skin tones.

Creamy, natural skin tones

This course comprises a comprehensive PDF guide that delves into all aspects of achieving desired skin tones.

I provide detailed narration and explanation from Start of Camera (SOOC) to the final edit. Additionally, the course comprises three full-length editing videos that focus on Lightroom tools/panels to achieve dreamy skin tones, finishing touches in Photoshop, and my portraiture settings. I also showcase a portraiture "dupe" to achieve that creamy look without Photoshop.

Furthermore, the course includes ...

A video tutorial solely dedicated to ethnic skin tones, ensuring that the color remains true to life. Lastly, a brush set specifically designed for skin tones, featuring a compilation of my favorite skin brushes from my previous sets as well as a few never-released before, is also included.

Skin Tone course

Investment Details:
$99 - no refunds or exchanges

It's important to note that this course is a "one and done" product without any additional updates.

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 However, for those pursuing continued education, I recommend enrolling in The Prosper Course, a full photography mentorship program.

As an added benefit, mentees of The Prosper Course can use their 40% off code for this course.

Mentee Letters

"Amanda has laid out each and every aspect of photography in an easy to understand way! She has provided videos answering questions, editing sessions, PS and LR tutorials, and so much more. She makes herself so each to approach and ask ANY and ALL the photography and business related questions that any of her mentees may have. She is also always adding new videos to the Facebook page and doing impromptu and planned live videos! This course will truly change your photography, self confidence as a photographer and business plan for the better! Amanda is an amazing photography mentor & friend to have!"


"Its hard to find the words to describe how incredible this course is to me. My workflow and style has drastically changed over the past year since I have entered the course. I have doubled my client base and feel more confident in my abilities."


"The Prosper Course is AMAZING! I have finally been able to achieve that bold and colorful editing style that I have dreamed of and best of all I finally have confidence in myself all thanks Amanda and her Prosper Course!"


"There truly is no other course like the Prosper course. Everything from the very basics to advanced is in here, it really is a worthy investment no matter where you are in your career. I love that this course touches on many different aspects than focusing on on singular thing. You learn editing, time management, styling, SEO and SO much more! The investment in this course has been the best thing I’ve done for my business!!"


"Amanda's course itself is AMAZING. When I was searching out mentors, other photographers continued to highly recommend her. When I compared the cost for what I would be getting with other mentorships, I became SO EXCITED to dive into all of what she had to offer. I am continuously blown away by her giving heart, and how much she DOES NOT HOLD BACK on anything to her mentees."

- Crystal 

"Amanda, your course has literally transformed me as a storyteller. What seemed just like a story now feels like artistic love notes. This course got me just that. everything from camera settings to editing details has been covered so so well. What colors you use and why those colors, your thinking and best part is that you are always available for us. I don't know how you do this...hats off and more power to you. I hope to have you around me forever till I am holding my camera... I don't intend putting this down for long."



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