I feel so humbled and overjoyed to get the opportunity to teach others how to achieve the look they want for their art. 

I want you to Grow in your business- to Prosper! I made the prosper Mentorship in 2020 and it has grown to be one of my biggest joys in life- following along on the journey of fellow photographers and teaching them ways to "glow up" and go from unsure to fully booked and confident. 

I am so glad you are here.

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What  type of Mentorship are you looking to dive into?

Prosper Mentorship Course

One-half is course-based - almost like an online class - you log in and can watch pre-recorded curriculum at any time and work your way through the course when you are able. The other half is interactive and live- the private FB group. The course gains new materials periodically - always adding more content. The FB group is constantly gaining new materials, videos, chats, discussions, and live videos where you can ask questions to me in real-time. Every mentor has a unique way of teaching and every student a unique way of learning- how I teach may work amazing for some but not others and I am happy to chat with you to see if it is a great fit. The Prosper Course also is full of guest educators providing their unique spin on the photography world - this feature is provided to you at no additional cost and new guests are added every season. 

Prosper Course is easy to access, and follow along with from anywhere in your house, car and on the go! You can log in and learn at anytime and do not have to follow any schedules- designed with the busy small business owner in mind. 
I have been there- It is hard to make time for it all. It was so important to me to offer a course at YOUR OWN PACE so that it is an asset to your business and not an added stress trying to schedule more things onto your already packed calendar. 


My course has two unique parts that I think are why so many students/mentees are so successful.

Click below and find out more and sign up if it sounds like something you need for your business glow-up. 


"all good things are WILD and FREE"

In Person Mentorship

1:1 and 2:1 

I also offer 1:1 and 1:2 in-person mentorships.
This is where you come to me here in Missouri or meet me when I travel, and we spend the afternoon/evening together and go over all the things you have ever wanted to ask or learn from me - followed by a gorgeously styled family shoot together. 
Q&A time- We get together and have 2-3 hours to cover editing and any questions you may have. Seriously... ask me anything.
Shooting time- once our Q&A is over we head to a sunset session together where you can watch me or shoot next to me and we cover guiding the session, client interaction, camera settings, lighting, and more.

You also have the option to upgrade to the mentoring online course at a discounted rate. 

What is more exciting than photographing a gorgeous family and teaching?

Doing both at the same time- IN PERSON!

if you want to learn more

3:1 all day mentorship 

All Day Mentorship 

 Typically you arrive at 9 am and we depart by sunset and you leave with ALL THE NEW SKILLS! 
This is an amazing opportunity to book with 2 friends and pay the same you would for a solo JUST SUNSET 1:1 and get a WHOLE DAY of education. This option requires 3 attendees.  
You also have the option to upgrade to the mentoring online course at a discounted rate.

I also offer an all day mentorship with newborn session, 2 hours of editing and separate Q&A time and a sunset session. 

This opportunity is for 3 students at a time - only.

if you want to learn more

any mentoring booked with another person or persons saves you money.


You start with the basics of running through Lightroom, the details of how to achieve such beautiful colors and skin tones, you even walk us through every sessions scenario even one that wasn’t ideal. The details you give (while being quite funny, I might add) is astonishing. You pour your heart into your mentees by cheering them on, adding to our curriculum, challenging us to be our best self, and answering any questions we have. The value of what you offer is immeasurable. 

It’s one of the best purchase I have made. You give your all and it shows. What I expected was a few lessons and some presets, but what I got was an entire photography program. 




She helped me get my work exactly where I wanted it to be and then some. This is a one stop shop mentorship with continuing education for all her mentees. She is an open book with all things photography including styling and business tips. It also helps that she is without a doubt the sweetest human out there!

I cannot say enough good things about Amanda’s mentorship. 


Amanda is a phenomenal teacher and it’s obvious that her heart is devoted to teaching as well as helping and encouraging others to grow! I recommend this education to anyone starting out or looking to improve their current business. There is so much great info in this course!

This mentorship has been everything I hoped for as a beginner photographer to learn and develop my editing skills! 




She was so sweet when i first reached out to her and her style just fit my lifestyle because I could go at my own pace. Not only has she done an amazing job helping me with my editing she has also shared so much information she didn't even have to share and so many amazing tips! I would pay for her FB group alone! Because of her I have met some amazing photographers in the group as well. She is constantly encouraging and helping us at the drop of a hat. She is also very present in the group despite how busy she is with her own business. 

I can not recommend Amanda's editing mentorship enough!! 


She covers everything you need to know for editing to make your workflow more efficient, colors bold and vibrant, skin tones dreamy. On top of that, she offers behind the scenes content on client experience, how to run your session, how to style wardrobe and SO much more!! She is available to all of her mentees and encourages us all on a daily basis. I’ve participated in other mentorships and can say without a shadow of a doubt that this one is the only one that took my work to the next level!!  

Amanda’s mentorship has truly changed my life in the best way possible! 

Kate S 

I also wanted my images to stand out but also be true to my views.
Amanda has hands down taken the cake on being present, fully presenting her materials and not hiding certain aspects of her editing to us like previous mentors have. She has invested her time into expanding our education further than just image critiques.
You won’t be disappointed if you invest in her mentorship. I feel like I have control over my images now, something I didn’t have before.
She teaches in a way that is very understandable and captures your attention. Her attention to detail is unmatched.

Last year I took Amanda’s editing mentorship and I was so nervous on what it was gonna be like. I wanted a mentor who was invested in my education & growth, something which is truly hard to find.


I wasn’t even half way through my mentorship and myself along with clients have seen a huge difference in my editing. This mentorship is the best thing that could have happened to my business! 

I’ve done multiple mentorships but I have never learned as much as I have from a mentorship like I have from Amanda’s.

Kind Words from my Mentees

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